Help Spread The Word

Getting the message off the social networks and out to a wider audience is key to this campaign. The larger the response and the broader the range of the respondees, the more pressure it will put on MPs to stop this catstrophe. Below are some resources to help you.

Emailing is simple – just send to all your contacts and ask them to sign and forward the email to theirs.

Printing takes more effort and a small outlay but could be very effective.

I have uploaded A3 and A4 posters plus A5 flyers. If you own or run a business such as a shop, pub, coffee shop or hairdressers why not pin one or two up to help start a realistic no-deal conversation? If not you could always pin one to your local community notice board.

Printing could be especially important in leave majority areas. If you are a concerned leave voter you could make a bigger difference than almost anybody else.